Fire protection concepts, expert reports and more!

We create fire protection concepts, fire protection certificates and monitor the construction of fire protection.

The IBB team are your experts in all aspects of fire protection planning. There is hardly any other area of engineering planning where the framework conditions in building law and construction technology have changed as much in recent years as in fire protection.

As your reliable partner, IBB's experts and engineers know how to take all building law requirements for fire protection into account in customised plans in such a way that an economical and safe result is achieved for building owners.

It is not only our comprehensive technical expertise that characterises us as a reliable planner for building owners and architects, because just as important is the fast and punctual completion of our work. And we guarantee this contractually.

Talk to us - our experts will be happy to advise you!

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Fire protection concepts

In recent years, our office has worked on over 750 fire protection concepts for all types of standard and special buildings and for construction projects throughout Germany. Whether it's a high-rise office building, an elementary school or a logistics center in Freiburg, Munich or Hamburg - you're in good hands with us. Taking into account the technical…

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Fire protection management

As part of a construction project, we take on the specialist construction management for fire protection issues. Our engineers accompany the construction process, monitor the professional execution and certify this to the authorities at the end of the construction project. As the contact partner on site, we coordinate the individual trades and contractors…

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Fire protection reports

Our fire protection reports provide a clear overview of the quality and effectiveness of existing fire protection measures. Based on detailed on-site surveys and taking into account the regulations and laws in force at the time of construction and today, we identify weak points and provide information on basic possible solutions. A rough cost estimate provides you with a…

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